How often do you meet? Where?
LUGOLA typically has at least one event our activity each month. Events and activities are announced through our private forum.

Monthly meetings are typically the second Saturday of the month, from 11 to 3. For our meetings a host will volunteer their backyard, community center, or other space they have access to. With a wide and dispersed membership this allows us to all get to know each other better (we love tours of our member’s building space or collection). We’re always looking for new hosts.

In months with large events like conventions, the event will often take the place of the monthly meeting.

What happens at a monthly meeting?
At our monthly meetings, we display MOCS, showcase new, interesting, or rare sets, draft parts, buy, sell, trade, share information and building techniques, and generally talk about Lego®. Often there will be fun challenges or games.

Our meetings are casual affairs, so feel free to come when you can and leave when you need to. An RSVP is appreciated though to help with planning.

MOC? What’s a MOC?
A MOC is “My Own Creation” that is the model we build from LEGO®. These can vary from custom minifigs to 9′ tall models of Orthanc, from Lego® jewellery to projects built for online competitions, from modified official Lego® sets to 7′ long space ships or, well, just about anything you can think of, made out of Lego®.

Draft parts you say?
A “Parts Draft” is an activity in which the group opens several copies of the same set. The pieces are sorted into separate lots of like elements based on type and color. Once the parts are sorted, the participants draw for picking order and then take turns claiming lots until the parts are gone. This is sometimes a great way to get large quantities of a useful or desired piece. Often, having a large quantity of a new or rare piece can inspire new creations.

Some LUGs have each participant buy a copy of the set for a draft, but to make things a little easier, LUGOLA typically has a draft organizer procure the sets on discount, and participants just pay a buy in of $5-$20, depending on the specifics of that draft.

What kind of games?
Games such as ‘Speed Build’ (fastest to build a kit), ‘Blind Build’ (in which participants build a set in a manner so that they can’t see the build, but can only build by feel) or ‘Build in the Bag’ (in which participants build small sets that come in a polybag without opening the bag first). Dirty Brickster is a ‘White-Elephant’ style gift exchange game.

What happens at a public event?
Public events vary and sometime involve club members displaying their MOCs, sometime we assist the public, particularly children to free-build their own creations with LEGO® and other events involve selling LEGO® parts and sets or any combination of all of these, particularly at a Lego® Convention. We’ll often spend downtime at our booth chatting, playing games, and sharing our love of the brick.